Balance your energy with juice detox

Have you ever felt the energy that exudes from a I smile? It energises all those who see it. In reality, we Vibrate to the energies of those around us, Notice how your own energies change from 0inute to minute.


Become aware of the energy changes that occur within you when someone you are attracted to walks into the room, Again, how your energy changes when you are filled with jealousy.

We are all born with a vital force of energy know as ‘prana’in Sanskrit, When this energy is ir balance, it constitutes health and is capable of healing your body. At times, it may calm you or activate you, depress you or fill you with excitement.

This energy is greatly iniluenced by the people you live and deal with, Negative emotions like fear, insecurity, lack of support from family mernbers deplete your vital energy Environmental factors like pollutants in the air, pesticides in foods, nutritional deficiencies and stress of modern day living, further.

Detox with vegetable juice

sack our energy, leaving us One can begin by following a exhausted, irritable, negative juice fast for 48 hours and moody.


Emotional environment and Getting on times more diet greatly influence the nutrients then it would get balance of energy. Wrong foods load the digestive system divertirg vital energy into handling toxins rather than juice or the juice ofvegetables doing the work of repair and such as tornatoes, eucürnber. growth. Prolonged misuse of beetroot, carrot, mint this vital energy leads oill. coriander leaves, spinach, health. Therefore, a correction bottle gourd etc in different in diet is paramount.


Detoxdfying the vital organs water. Tou can cleanse your namely liver, kidneys, blood body this way once a month and colon relieves the body of and follow tuo with lifestyle impurities, microbes, Instal toxins, etc and regulates digestion and metabolism.



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