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photoScape X is an image-editor that boasts of quite a few extra features when compared to MS Paint that you get with Win. dows 10. It sports an intuitive interface that comprises nine tabs for easy navigation:

Its Viewer tab allows you to browse through all the images on your computer, the Editor tab is where you will find over 60 tools to fine tune your photos, apply filters and trans. formations. You get a tabeach to create image cut-outs, for batch processing, tomake collages, to combine multiple images, create GIFs, set print settings, and a Tools tab for screen capture. to rename your files, and a colour picker to create palettes.

All of PhotoScape X’s tools are easy to use, and you don’t even need to be a photo editing expert to carry out tasks like colour correction, blemish and red-eye removal, adjust contrast/white balance, and more. When you’re done, you get the option to save your files in the JPEG, PNG and TIFF formats on your PC, or post them directly to your social networks

Shade Sandbox

places internet-facing applications had Elke web browsers and instant messengers in an isolated environment or “sandbox”. This prevents malicious content and unsafe websites from modifying the system files on your computer.

To place a software in a sandbox, right click on its shortcut and select “Put into Shade”. After that, its icon will show an “S”, and every time you launch the software, it will open in a sandboxed environment. Shade Sandbox does not affect your user experience: the only noticeable difference is that’shaded’ software take a few seconds longer to open. All downloaded file and browsing activities are stored in its container an can be deleted after closing the program.


 Bydefault, Windows 10 runs many services in the background.

These are designed to provide a better user experience: Typ ing history for predictive text, diagnostic data for bug fixes, and more. To disable these, you can go to Settings, click Privacy to stop these tools from running in the background.

However, if you’re extremely privacy conscious, install Ashampoo AntiSpy. This software provides you with greater control over the services running on your PC. For instance, you can turn off Wi-Fi Sense (this allows users to connect to wireless hotspots without sharing the password); biometric data: One Drive, Xbox and advertising-related information. Each setting is accompanied with a detailed explanation, along with the option to use Ashampoo’s recommendations, or disable the services manually


Shade sandbox paceSnifer helps you figure out what is hogging disk space Von your computer. It scans your hard drive and give you a bird’s eye view of the data on it. The software displays files and folders as coloured blocks: The largest rectangles are the ones that should be trimmed or transferred to an external drive.

Click on a rectangle and SpaceSniffer will take you one level deeper to show the contents.more boxes, again-within that folder. You can launch Windows Explorer from within the software to open to the file’s location, or send it to the Recycle Bin.

You can view scans of multiple disk drives side-by-side and even save a snapshot of the folders to a text file for later reference.


Windows 10 comes with a built-in “Data Usage” monitor

(under Settings > Network & Internet) that provides you with a list of how much data has been downloaded by each app or software. However, this feature lacks the ability to show usage (downloads and uploads) in real-time. Try Glass Wire instead. It is light on system resources and allows you to drill down by “apps” to see what is consuming the most data.

You can scroll through the timeline_by day, week and month-to view usage, analyse spikes and even set alerts for when you exceed your monthly limit. If you enable its “Mini Viewer”, it will sit atop your taskbar showing live internet speed. A snooze and incognito mode lets you temporarily disable monitoring and stop recording network activity on its graph.


If you have audio recordings that you want to edit, then check Tout WavePad. It lets you trim, split, cut-paste portions, and even mix a second track. You can also tweak the output to amplify it, normalise audio levels, introduce crossfade or silence into a track, and even make the audio pan across both channels. Plus, you can add sound effects like reverb, echo, distortion, and even supress, change the speed and pitch of vocals in the audio. WavePad supports multiple formats MP3, WAV, WMA, AMR, FLAC and also includes a Sound Library with over a hundred audio samples. You will, however, need an active internet connection to access this repository


This software lets you access messaging services like WhatSApp, Facebook Messenger, WeChat, Telegram, Pocket and Tweetdeck, as well as Gmail, Office 365, LinkedIn, Skype, Slack and Trello under a single interface.

All you have to do is give Franz access rights to each of these logins (this tool does not save any personal information, passwords and message records). You can then start messaging check emails and updates via a single login in Franz. The software even allows you to configure discreet notifications for updates and messages.



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Mon Jul 1 , 2019
photoScape X is an image-editor that boasts of quite a few extra features when compared to MS Paint that you get with Win. dows 10. It sports an intuitive interface that comprises nine tabs for easy navigation: Its Viewer tab allows you to browse through all the images on your […]
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