Your beauty routine is not enough to give you glowing, flawless skin. Looking your freshest best also depends on your diet and lifestyle. Unhealthy, junk food affects not just your weight loss plans, but will also your skin. Here is what to eat to ensure acne-free and radiant skin. Tomatoes: […]

Sound sleep is essential for people to function well and be alert and responsive to their surroundings. As more people face trouble getting good sleep, there has been a significant rise in the demand for sleep products. Ensuring fitful sleep to their users, these products help you feel reinvig. orated. […]

Co-working has become a popular choice for millennials, SMBs. MNCs, freelancers, consultants and contractors. A style of work that involves a shared workspace and an upbeat, independent atmosphere is how people have defined co-working spaces in the past. Not only has the seg. Modern co-working spaces offer amenities like a […]

AUGMENTED STRENGTH OF HR Co-founder of Natural HR, says, According to Global Human erts and “Whether it’s sales, productiv-Analytical and Capital Trends 2017 report by ple Anal paces to ity, customer service or hiring, Deloitte, Data regarding work agers in egal gui- HR needs to make that connec- force has […]

Are you among those who tend to forget their specs, I leave behind their wallets, fail to recall names, or forget to pass on telephone messages? Distraction, lethargy, dizziness, a ringing in the ears, headaches, and anxiety and depression are some other signs of a failing memory. However, you don’t […]

photoScape X is an image-editor that boasts of quite a few extra features when compared to MS Paint that you get with Win. dows 10. It sports an intuitive interface that comprises nine tabs for easy navigation: Its Viewer tab allows you to browse through all the images on your […]