Have you ever felt the energy that exudes from a I smile? It energises all those who see it. In reality, we Vibrate to the energies of those around us, Notice how your own energies change from 0inute to minute. Become aware of the energy changes that occur within you […]

Dry,chapped lips are a beauty woe for most women. While the situation worsens during the colder months, extensive use of drying, long-stay matte lipsticks can leave your lips dehydrated. Are there any hydrating home remedies to get soft lips? Of course! Stock up on natural oils, green tea, papaya and […]

There is always a constant debate around the authenticity of astrological sciences. People who have experienced its those who are dependent on karma and are yet to suffer the negativity discard the theory altogether. In my astrological journey spanning over two-and-a-half decades, I have seen many non-believers queuing up in […]

In every relationship, there are good times and bad times, No tone couple can claim that they’ve never had any disagreements So, how do you know if you’re in a good place? While every relationship is different, if you spot any of these signs, it means that you are in […]

Experts share tips to Help you cope with potential employers You thought you had done fairly well at the interview and had good recommendations from While it may seem like you abhijau your previous employer. but you should be the one answering still did not get the job. What questions, […]

 LinkedIn has launched Career Advice, a new tool that helps membersseek career advice from suitable and experienced fellow members (mentors) on the platform. The roll-out is aimed at addressing the current mentorship gap in India where a new LinkedIn survey highlights that 25-33-yearolds are experiencing a state of professional crisis […]

She is in the hot seat at Uber. As the first Director of Policy and Communications for the Asia Pacific region, Amy Kunrojpanya is responsible for driving Uber’s reputation which has been taking a real beating lately. Asif that’s not enough she is also in charge of the company’s public […]

TIM SHRIVER, chairman, Special Olympics International, discusses the importance of sports in empowering people with intellectual disabilities What is your mission in India as head of Special Olympics International and how is it aligned with the larger goals of the movement? In India, we are trying to make the movement […]